The 5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Nov 27, 2020

Email marketing, sending commercial messages often to a bunch of people all at once.

Many businesses do it and it’s a great way to advertise, request business, get those sales and donations. Many small to medium businesses rely on emails as their primary customer acquisition channel and retention.

However, there’s a right way of doing it, and then there’s the wrong way…aka the annoying-your-readers way.

Want to know the email marketing mistakes you need to avoid?

Read more from the digital marketing agency Perth experts at Studio22 to find out.

  1. Pushing vague email content

Customers demand personalisation. This means building relationships over securing sales, getting to know them over quotas.

Many companies send the same, generic, sales-focused email to their subscribers.

This needs to stop.

How can you change this?

  • Segment your audience,
  • Do this with multiple opt-in forms on different website pages.

Talk to your web design Perth specialist about user-friendly websites and how opting-in works.

  • Having a one-way conversation

As a customer, you’re probably not overly impressed with several emails talking at you, but not giving you the option to reply.

An example of this are [email protected] emails.

Instead, make sure your customers know who you are (sign off with your name) and are readily available for questions and feedback.

  • Giving countless offers but no information on them

Everybody loves a deal…but the excitement of receiving them will fizzle out if no further information is ever provided on them.

50% off what exactly? $10 off what when I do what?

Provide value, that’s what our digital marketing agency Perth experts always advocate.

  • Lack of clear call to actions

“Boy, oh body this is some good stuff. An email providing personalised information and a nice little deal, too. Wait…hang on. Where do I go to get my hands on this? Where’s the all-important link?”

Aaaaaand you’ve lost them.

Here’s what you can do to keep your call to actions clear:

  • Install bright shiny buttons on your website with the help of a web design Perth expert,
  • Keep required links in emails visible, and
  • Offer a question and answer call to action, like: Need such and such? Contact [business name] today to get started.

Go into your email marketing with a clear vision of what you want your readers to do at the end.

  • Using overly technical language

Yes, you may know your stuff and are super excited about sharing it, but your readers only want to know how it will benefit them. Sorry!

So, remember these in your email marketing:

  • Keep it simple,
  • Use numbers and bullet points when possible,
  • Get persona,
  • Drop the clickbait in the subject line.

How can your business help your readers in a way that they will understand?

Focus on that.

Email marketing with a digital marketing agency in Perth

What we’ve learned today is there is there’s a certain technique to mastering your email marketing.

If you don’t have the time, energy or expertise to take the reins of your digital marketing strategy – why not handball it to those who do?

Studio22 are the digital marketing agency Perth experts you can trust. Our team of like-minded, innovative digital strategists and web design Perth help assist businesses soar to new heights.

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