Is creativity the only thing you need to build a brand?

Yes, it is creativity that will help you to stand out. And standing out is essential, especially when you’re competing with millions of entities around the world who are trying to compete for attention.

There are certain style guides, conventions, guidelines and expectations that must be adhered to as well. Blending the right colours, combining the ideal fonts, following the principles of uniformity and lining up all the elements to look right is both a science and an art – At Studio22, we’re scientists and artists.

Perth Branding.

Just starting out?

First impressions can last a lifetime.

Work with us to get your business off to the best start by creating a brand that will help your business thrive.

Show your potential customers that you have an interesting story to tell

Already in Business?

Refresh your business and revitalize it with a re-brand.

Show your customers you’re still relevant and have something to shout about.

Has your product or service offerings evolved? A re-brand will help with repositioning within the market.

Need to get your brand onto paper?

Get your business seen and your brand message heard.

We do more than just digital and will take care of all your printing needs, including:

Stationery & Merchandise, Newspaper, Magazine, Brochures & Flyers, Direct Mail

That’s not all.

We will also manage the advertising campaigns that will get you seen around the streets of Perth on billboards and buses. We’ll even help you get your brand messages broadcasted on the radio.

Whatever it takes to get your brand out there, we’ll do it.

We love to use:

We are proud users of the following software, platforms and tools:

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We know when to follow the rules and when to break them.

It’s not just about standing out, but standing out the right way.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to come up with something completely crazy (unless you want us to that is).

Let’s find out more about each other

Are you looking for a creative Perth Marketing agency? Do you want a Perth Advertising agency with imagination? Whether it’s a website, a brand-new brand, a re-brand, an online and social media presence, or all of it and more, then look no further. You’ve found your dream team.

Studio22 Perth, knows how to get results for our clients and our dedicated team won’t stop working until you’re happy.

Discover what we can do for your business, and most importantly, your brand.