A strong brand is essential to building a successful business or organisation.

Studio22 can help you develop and enhance your brand identity.

Successfully brand development requires a clearly defined strategy, consistent messaging, a high-quality customer experience and of course successful delivery of the services or products you are promising.

From increasing brand awareness to building an association with quality, Studio22 has mastered the art of creating a positive emotional connection to brand and seizing a competitive advantage.




Logo Creation

Designed well it can effortlessly champion your business and reflect your brand’s personality and core values. At Studio22 we work hard to craft a visual representation of brand identity in…

Graphic Design

At its best graphic design is an invisible art, and yet it is something that our talented team at Studio22 pride themselves on. If you require graphic design solutions, get…

Corporate Identity

To develop corporate identity, you need to have a good idea of both what you are and what you are not. This identity should sweep effortlessly through your choice of…


Case Studies