Spotify Radio Advertising

Spotify is the worlds largest music streaming service with over 9 million Australian usersgiving businesses a direct line into their customers and potential customers ears.

Spotify’s active users spend on average 2.6 hours per day listening to their favourite Music and Podcasts that the service provides — with the majority of the users in Australia using the free service over the paid premium service. Here’s a quick look at what digital audio advertising is and how it can help your business create the brand awareness it needs to achieve your goals. 

Who’s streaming in Australia?

Source: Spotify.

Brands benefit from the trusted engagement on Spotify

Josh Brisco from ESPN Radio believes that Spotify’s advertising platform will only become more powerful in the future.

“With 90 million ad-supported listeners world-wide and robust targeting capabilities, it is a fantastic way to get in front of a desired audience. It’s continued user growth and investment in its ad units, capabilities and overall product make it one to watch in the near future.”

Spotify Ads provide more moments to connect

  • Deliver audio ads across multiple devices and platforms
  • Reach highly engaged Spotify users wherever they are listening
  • Achieve 100% SoV – audio ads are served in-stream during active listening sessions

How Spotify Ads Work.

Fremium + Ads

Spotify is based on a freemium model — where all users can have unlimited, free access supported by 15 and 30-second ad breaks. The great majority of Spotify’s listeners opt for the ad-supported version.

There is the option to add imagery to be displayed in the cover art area, as well as scrolling text which will direct users to your site. These adverts are available on mobile, tablet, desktop, web and PlayStation.

Display ads are shown through a Leaderboard format, located at the bottom of the music player, and will take users to your website when they click. Leaderboard ads are only displayed on the desktop and web Spotify platforms.

What our team does for you

Discover what we can do for your business and most importantly, your brand.

  • Our studio team designs the custom artwork for your campaign 
  • Our copywriting team will then develop a customised script for your campaign 
  • Our team then records your ad with a professional voiceover artist
  • We enable our clients to choose the accent, age, and gender of the voiceover artist to suit their campaign 
  • Once the campaign is approved we will then monitor and provide monthly stats and feedback on the campaign to our clients.
  • Our team will also continually optimise the campaign to achieve the best possible results.

Call our team now chat about how Spotify Advertising can help your business.