LHP Joel Irrigation & Landscaping

Apr 1, 2021

LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation came to us with a brand-new website with the goal of growing their irrigation side of their business. It was important that the new website did not go to waste and turning into a sales tool was their number one priority.

Having never engaged in digital marketing before they were hesitant about spending a lot of money as they were unsure of the results. After a discovery session with one of our senior digital marketing strategists we put together a Google Ads proposal and started a campaign.

Our expert Google Ads team after completing industry research identified some areas that were not been utilised by our clients competitors. After a 6 month campaign our client could not be happier with the results. We measured how many phone calls and enquiries the campaign generated with the results below:





“The biggest hurdle we faced in developing this campaign was the fact that our client had not done any digital marketing before. We invested a lot of time into researching the customers industry and understanding the digital landscape. Once we had a sound understanding we were able to create engaging Google Ads that were focused on developing new sales.”

Steve Cropper – Head of Digital

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