Fremantle Plumbing

Case Studies, Video Production

Joey from Fremantle Plumbing engaged us to redesign their website, and they loved the look of another website that had drone video footage in the home banner.  He was pleasantly surprised when we told him that we have a drone pilot in our team and that we would be able to shoot video footage for him demonstrating work in progress and highlighting his fleet of vehicles.

Our drone pilot met Joey and his crew on site in Fremantle at 6am to shoot the footage, and even though the day was quite windy the footage was crisp and stable.   The footage was shot in 3 different locations and editted together with some drone footatge that Joey himself had shot.

The first cut of the video was  delivered for review within a couple of days and Joey was very happy with the result.  Later that day, we uploaded the video to his website and added it to the home banner.  Take a look at the video by following the link below.