Benefits Of Working With A Google Partner

Jun 25, 2021

As the digital marketing world continues to grow so does the competition and it becomes harder to find success for your campaigns. That is why finding a competent, local digital marketing agency is essential to your business’s success in the digital space.  

But how do you know which agency to pick? As the digital marketing industry grows as does the number of agency’s making it incredibly difficult for you to decide who you should entrust with your business’s growth.

Choosing an agency that is a Google Partner is a great place to start as there are several benefits that come with working with a Google Partner.

How do you know if an agency is a Google Partner?

Look for the badge, agencies that are a Google Partner will showcase their Google Partner badge which indicates this company is certified. Once you have found the badge it is important to click it as there are some agencies that will be displaying the badge even if they are not partnered with Google.

If you click the badge, you should be taken to the agencies Google Partner profile that confirms their certification. See below for an example:


Access to the latest information and technology

Google is ever changing and evolving, creating new technology to enhance their products for their customers. When you work with a Google Partner agency you will have access to these beta features before the public which helps you get a big leg up on the competition.

Google Partnered agencies have exclusive access to these new features and upgrades by Google which is essential for your digital marketing campaigns. Google also provides training and resources to Google Partner agencies to ensure their digital marketing specialists are up to date with the latest information so they can provide expert advice and the best service.

Google Partners provide a premium service

Google makes sure that Google Partnered agencies work to a high standard and provide excellent customer service. To continue being a partner, agencies must ensure that they comply and maintain the high standards that are set by Google.

It is important when choosing your digital marketing agency to work on your business that they provide an exceptional service so that your money is not going to waste. Creating a good working relationship with your digital marketing agency is crucial to the success of your campaign and working with a Google Partner is a strong step in the right direction.

Direct access to Google

The biggest advantage of working with a Google Partnered agency is their direct access to Google. Some of the most effective digital marketing campaigns use the Google platform which makes it essential that your campaigns are running at peak performance.

A Google Partner can contact their account manager at Google directly and get assistance if ever a campaign runs into trouble or simply needs improving. This direct line to Google allows Google Partner agencies to have an edge over their competition and thus making your digital marketing campaign run at the best of its ability.

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