A Beginners Guide to SEO: For Those New to Digital Marketing for Business

Jun 30, 2021

SEO is the abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Optimisation,’ a term you may have heard thrown around when you started utilising digital marketing for your business.

Consider it the semi-modern replacement for the old and faithful Yellow Pages. Where you would once look up a trade, professional service or other business in the Yellow Pages, you now do it online.

Want to know more about using and improving SEO to market your business?

Read more from the Perth digital marketing agency, Studio22, for your SEO beginners guide.


How does SEO work anyway?

Businesses are now ranked online via merit, not alphabetically like they once were in hard copy business directories.

Many web-savvy business owners know the importance of having their business ranked highly on Google, and being the first, if not one of the first results customers click on when searching for businesses online.

Customers have it better than they did years ago with their ability to:

All before making the first contact, with thanks to SEO.

Now let’s delve into 2 important ingredients to cook up a recipe of SEO success: algorithm and keywords.



Algorithm and keywords

In all honesty, Search Engine Optimisation is more complicated than most digital marketing experts would like to admit. It’s because Google, in keeping their cards close to their chest, don’t share the nitty gritty details behind their algorithm magic.

Why? Google endeavours to maintain trust with the public, and releasing how their search engine algorithm works, would ultimately lead to loopholes being found, manipulation of the system and decreased faith in Google.

Fortunately, there’s things you can do to improve your Google ranking.

You can opt for organic marketing, such as SEO by using clever business-relevant keywords in your online content, or paid Google Ads, a tried and tested way to put your business in front of thousands of potential customers.


Increase your Google ranking with these 4 steps

Below we’ve listed 4 sure-fire steps to up your SEO game:

  1. Improve your website and social media content by posting consistent, relevant, SEO-friendly posts.
  2. Utilise descriptive headers and get help tagging them.
  3. Link to and connect with other websites to establish trust with Google.
  4. Up your website design with a Perth web design

Don’t have the time or expertise to do the above by yourself? A digital marketing agency has both and we’re ready to help you get on Google’s good side.


SEO services and much more is available from Studio22

SEO doesn’t have to be so strange and mysterious. In fact, knowledge of the basics can get you far.


Studio22 are a digital marketing agency who can help you with:

  • SEO,
  • Google Ads,
  • Web design and development,
  • Branding, and
  • Spotify Radio Ads.

Ready to get your business seen by more people? We’re ready to make it happen.

Looking for a Perth digital marketing agency to help you?

Contact Studio22 in Leederville, to up your SEO rankings and discover other services to market your business better online.



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