What are meta descriptions and why are they important?


To boost organic SEO (that’s the acronym for search engine optimisation) rankings online, understanding and fine tuning your meta descriptions could be where to start.

Internet users are often swayed and compelled to click on a website if it has a well-written meta description, with the right keywords.

But what are meta descriptions, anyway?

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Defining meta descriptions


Meta descriptions are snippets (of up to 160 characters, including spaces) that are used to summarise the contents of a particular website page.

Search engines display meta descriptions in relevant search results, to help internet users get an idea of what a page is about before they click on it.

When written well and strategically, a meta description can make or break whether a user clicks on your website page or not. They also play a key role in where (or even if at all) your website ranks within search results.


4 fool-proof ways to write great meta descriptions


Now that you understand the gist of meta descriptions, it’s time to have a go at writing them.

Your local Perth digital marketing agency has compiled 4 fool-proof ways to write great ones.

What are they?

  1. Focus on adding value

Incorporate the words “learn,” “see,” and “watch” to encourage people to interact with your content.

After all, consumers are people and people love to be offered value in one way, shape or form.

  • Include a call to action (CTA)

CTAs help people understand what the page is about and what to expect when they click on it. It also encourages a reason for people to click on and engage with your site.

Examples of CTAs vary from selling a product, finding out more information or offering newsletter sign-ups for exclusive deals. Consider terms like “learn more,” “click here” or “join today.”

  • Don’t exceed the recommended character length

It will only negatively impact your rankings.

Don’t duplicate your meta descriptions, either.

  • Incorporate keywords

Not only will it help Google rank your website, but keyword inclusion will also reassure users that it’s relevant to what they’re looking for.

There’s a sweet spot though – keyword stuffing doesn’t help anyone.


Acknowledging the importance of meta descriptions


Did you know that website pages with meta descriptions enjoy an average of 5.8% more clicks than pages that go without them? Higher click-through rates will only boost conversions and leads.

Meta descriptions have an undeniable influence on user engagement – helping people find the content they need in an easy to read, concise format.

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