Generating Leads from LinkedIn: Is it Possible?

Generating leads is how businesses build relationships and attract more sales.

When we think of generating leads we often think of door-to-door salesmen or calling existing clients to see if they want to buy your product again.

However, LinkedIn is also a valuable platform to generate leads.

Read the latest from creative advertising agency in Perth, Studio22, on how LinkedIn not only generate interest in employees, but also generate business leads.

Create a detailed LinkedIn profile

If you’re in business, and know a bit about marketing, then you’ll know that trust and building relationships is a big part of sales.

We’re becoming an untrustworthy bunch, so it makes sense that to utilise LinkedIn marketing, filling out your profile in detail is a very good and easy start.

How will a detailed profile help with your LinkedIn marketing?

  • Allows people to see your skills and business offerings,
  • Humanises your digital profile,
  • Looks visually appealing, and
  • Makes people feel more comfortable to contact you directly.

It’s okay to talk about your skills and achievements; this is LinkedIn after all! Successful people want to network and connect with other successful people for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

So, start detailing your successes to enhance your LinkedIn marketing, build relationships and generate leads.

Be consistent and engaging with your LinkedIn posts

By consistently posting content that’s interesting and valuable, you’ll be networking with like-minded people in no time. Similar to a detailed profile, valuable and regular LinkedIn posts make you:

  • Trustworthy,
  • Relatable
  • Interesting, and
  • Useful to potential clients and sales leads.

However, you need to be creative with how you generate leads from LinkedIn. Blatantly ‘selling’ yourself, business, products and/or service offerings will make your sought-after network roll their eyes and scroll on this is now how LinkedIn marketing works.

The creative way to generate leads on LinkedIn? Share useful content that’s relevant to your business and network and reply to comments to help build rapport.

Text posts, videos or visual images – get creative and get posting! A creative digital marketing and advertising agency in Perth can help you create content that attracts consumers on digital platforms to generate business leads.

Send your LinkedIn invitations right away

Business cards are helpful and a tangible reminder of business opportunities. However, how many times have we been to conferences and networking events and misplaced or accidentally thrown out business cards?

So, go cardless and send LinkedIn network invitations instead. This powerful LinkedIn marketing strategy is fantastic to turn real-life networkers into accessible, digital networkers.

Your target market is less likely to forget who you are this way – with thanks to your detailed profile and consistent, valuable content, too.

Keeping in contact with potential leads is an important way to generate sales leads from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a digital marketing and networking tool that should be used by more businesses to generate sales.

With the right profile, optimised content, and suitable network – your business could benefit greatly from LinkedIn marketing. When it comes to digital marketing in Perth, a creative advertising agency can show you how to build your brand and bring in more business leads.

Want to know more about the generating leads? Contact Studio22, the digital marketing Perth experts to explore how social media and networking software can generates leads for you.