Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2022

Are you looking to improve your social media marketing strategy in 2022?

Good! Now’s the perfect time!

Social media is proving to be a crucial tool for small businesses. If you strategically plan your marketing campaigns, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will often provide a backbone to achieving your goals. However, social media sites frequently release new features and updated, which can make it difficult for small businesses to keep up. That’s where Studio22 can assist, we are experts in social media planning and innovation, and are known as the Perth digital marketing agency you can trust.

So, follow our Ultimate Perth Digital Marketing Guide to help you get ready for the 2022, whether you are new to social media or just want to double-check your priorities are spot on for the new year.

The core principles of social media marketing

Pay close attention and nail these to create a solid foundation for your plan.

  • Strategy: This includes setting the objectives of the business, choosing the right social channels for business communication, and deciding the type of content that should be posted on these channels.
  • Analytics and Reporting:These are essential elements that empower marketers, providing visibility into reach and engagement, as well as other crucial metrics such clicks, views and so on.
  • Listing and Engagement:This refers to the process for monitoring engagement, gathering data from users, and determining what they think about your brand.
  • Advertising: Leverage advertisements on social media sites like Facebook that can increase brand reach through sponsored posts targeted at the right audience.
  • Planning and Publishing:Creating content and scheduling posts that adhere to established best practices, based on historical information and new insights.

Identify the best strategies for your social media platforms

  • Create better Brand Awareness: Get your name out in public, but avoid posting promotional messaging, and be genuine to your brand voice.
  • Drive more Sales: Inform customers of your products and generate market interest.
  • Increase your Audience Base: Grow your network by tracking key phrases, hashtags, and user comments on posts.
  • Keeping it Community Driven: Customers respect businesses that invest in their community, so experiment with messaging and content that will drive conversation.
  • Integrating Google MyBusiness with Social Media channels: Drive relevant traffic on your social media channels through local google searches, keep all your online information up to date, and drive relevant reviews to create trust.

Research your Target Audience

You may have heard about what Target Audience is, but the number one rule is to not make assumptions – only 55% of marketers use social data to understand their target audience better. Make sure you research your audience to improve your results.

Also remember that different platforms will attract different audiences.

  • YouTube and Facebook: Two of the most popular advertising platforms due to the high-earning user communities.
  • Instagram: One of the most popular social media networks for Millennials. This shows the importance of engaging with bold content that reflects the personality and character of Gen Z.
  • Pinterest: Boasting the highest percentage of purchases by social shoppers, with a large majority being women.

Take note, do not spread yourself too thin by focusing on every platform available. Instead, concentrate on the networks that your core audience is already active on.

Identify Social Benchmarks

No matter what industry you are in, your social media strategy needs to be data driven.

It is important to focus on the social media metrics which matter and leave gut feeling out of the conversation. Instead of focusing solely on vanity metrics and ignoring data that supports your goals, you should look at data that aligns directly with them.

From here, we can build on your social media strategy, through avenues like adding Facebook advertising to your strategy. There are more than 2.89 million active Facebook users, so this social media platform offers incredible opportunities to grow your brand, increase targeted web traffic, increase sales and customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and connect with new people. Studio22 can assist in making the most of Facebook advertising in Perth and Google Ads to grow your business.

Create a Brand personality

Your social media followers come for your products and services but will stay for your style, substance, and personality. Social media is an extension of your brand voice, tone, and personality, so let your postings reflect your brands distinct personality and dictate how your business is viewed in the community.

You might switch between user-generated content, photos of products, or memes while maintaining a strong brand colour scheme to help create familiarity and connection with your channel.

When developing your brands persona focus on:

  • Your tone (keep it consistent on each post)
  • What are primary interests and goals
  • Brand values and drive
  • Who is you Target Audience? (local businesses, large companies, or individuals you support etc.)

Create Videos

With the increased consumptions of videos online, we have seen them become the most useful forms of content. Social videos are exploding with new apps like TikTok and new features like Instagram Reels.

Both short-form and long-form video creations continue to be a dominant social channel because of their high engagement rate and ability to get high value information across.

Videos should be your priority if you are planning to drive social media growth in 2022.

Live Streams, Stories, and Podcasts

Stories are here to stay, so capitalise on your followers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) by creating fleeting interactive content. According to published statistics, millions of people listen to podcasts every week, with weekly podcast listeners being more likely to follow companies and brands on social media. It is possible to get new listeners or other podcast producers if you strategically promote your podcast via social media.

Many social media apps also allow you to stream live videos, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and often only require just a few clicks to setup. A word or warning however, your social marketing efforts must align with your company goals and your consumer personas if you are to maximise your social media presence through lie channels.

Act Now

Don’t hesitate with planning your digital strategy. Encourage conversations, build a community, and implement strategies that produce results. For small businesses, social media requires honesty and consistency, so make sure you take baby steps now to get started by 2022.

Create a solid list of goals and then follow up with the implementation of the tools and methods that will allow you to stay ahead.

Want to get your business ready for 2022 and beyond?

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