Covid-19 Crisis: Why your marketing must go on

The bad news: Covid-19 has brought fear, uncertainty and challenges across the world – for individuals, our economy and businesses (big and small).

The good news: Online presence and digital marketing are now more important than ever. This is your chance to boost your online presence and stay connected to your customers online. 

No matter the business you’re in, your Perth digital marketing must go on. Why is this so important? Read more from Studio22, Perth Marketing and Advertising Specialists to find out.

Cutting back your marketing budget now, may see a higher spend later

What you may not realise, is that when it comes to digital marketing, it’s a long-term approach – a slow and steady burn, if you will. What digital marketing isn’t, is a quick fix. It’s also definitely not something you can simply turn on and off, without seeing a significant shift in results being achieved and targets being met.

So, by cutting back your marketing budget now in fear and panic, you may actually end up having to spend more down the track – when will this be? None of us know.

Whether your Perth digital marketing strategy includes a Google Ad, SEO, Social Media Marketing, all of the above, or something else, a long-term approach is proven to be the best approach.

According to Forbes, there have been a number of studies going back nearly one century that point out the advantages of maintaining or even increasing ad budgets during a weaker economy. Those businesses that maintained or grew their marketing and advertising budget, increased sales and market share during the last recession and afterwards.

Your competitors may move ahead of you

Are you currently ahead of your competition? How long do you think that will last after you’ve cut back or completely cut out your digital marketing budget? Likely not very long.

Your competitors are likely to take a hit too, just like you, but how will your business ride out the crisis? How will your business respond it to more effectively? The “noise level” in your brand’s product or service can actually drop when competitors cut back on their digital marketing budget – this gives you more opportunity to be heard!

If your competitors choose to continue marketing through this uncertain time and you don’t, they will likely move ahead of you, resulting in more work, more time and more money for you to catch up.

Boost your online presence and build brand awareness 

Online presence and digital marketing are now more important than ever. More time is spent online by consumers and more businesses are being forced to transition to the online world.

This is your chance to boost your online presence and build brand awareness now.

We may go into isolation, but unlike us, brands can’t isolate themselves so easily. This is your chance to build your brand and build brand awareness and we’re here to help.

Digital marketing is about staying connected

With social distancing tactics now coming into our lives, staying connected to your customers online is crucial too and digital marketing helps you do it.

Stay connected with your customers and target market online, engage with them, and provide them with information and value during this difficult time. If you’re not going to do it, then who is?

Digital marketing is important – even throughout fear and uncertainty, even throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

At Studio22, we’re here to help and support you and your business during this time of crisis with Perth digital marketing and advertising services.

Contact us to find out we can help you continue your marketing strategy or build a brand-new marketing strategy today.