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Why Your Business Should Use Spotify Radio Ads

Marketing means a lot of things to a lot of different people. While many think ‘digital’ is the way to go, and their business should put every penny (or Australian dollar), and every unpaid effort (organic marketing), into boosting their business online, there is another way.

This is utilising Spotify radio advertising.

Want to know why your business should utilise Spotify radio advertising in your marketing strategy?

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Let’s talk about Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming app that boasts millions of songs and podcasts.

There are two types of Spotify users – those who use the free ad-supported Spotify product and those who upgrade to Spotify Premium, the ad-free offering.

While Spotify Premium offers little to no advertising potential, there’s still a vast majority of Spotify users that utilise the free, ad-supported model.

According to Business of Apps, Spotify in the fourth quarter of 2020 had 345 million users.

It should be known that Spotify’s greatest strength is its enormous reach, due to its undisputed title as the world’s number one audio streaming platform.

Why should your business advertise on Spotify? Let a Perth digital marketing agency show you why.

Greater potential and reach are possible when you advertise on Spotify

Spotify, just like Facebook and Instagram, has a formal advertising marketplace.

By opening the Spotify Ad Studio in 2017, the app streamlined the advertising process, and thereby opened up a variety of options to potential advertisers.

Those of us using the free Spotify product expect ads with our listening.

So many of us grew up and still experience radio broadcasting networks in the home or in the car, which makes us arguably used to listening to ad-supported music.

However, Spotify is different, because you can create your own playlist. You’re in control.


How to advertise on Spotify

There is choice when you decide to utilise Spotify radio ads.

Let’s go through them:

  • Audio – as in audio announcements between songs, between 15 – 30 seconds,
  • Video – which involves buying an advertising spot between songs,
  • Display Ads – similar to those on websites, delivered by Google Ads, and
  • Sponsored Playlists – playlists that are created and named after your business brand.

Now let’s touch on the 5-step process of creating your very own Spotify Ad:

  1. Choose your objective,
  2. Upload your audio,
  3. Target your audience,
  4. Set your advertising budget and schedule, and
  5. Create your ad creative.


Spotify radio advertising with a Perth digital marketing agency

Don’t have the time or expertise to create your own Spotify radio advertising campaign?

Studio22 has the experience, time and capabilities to develop and maintain a successful Spotify radio ads campaign for you.

As a small but mighty digital marketing agency in Perth, Studio22 will work hard and wholeheartedly to get your business heard, by the right people at the right time.

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