Why your business needs Google Ads

You may have heard of Google Ads or Google AdWords but might not be quite so sure what it is or how it works. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform developed by Google and used by many businesses with the help of their digital marketing agency.

The million-dollar question is – what does Google want? If we knew that, we’d all rank number 1 on Google’s search engine. Essentially, Google’s goal is to show the best results to satisfy the user’s search queries.

This makes ‘pay per click’ marketing a smart way to target your market online and increase traffic to your website.

Read on to find out more on why utilising Google Ads Perth in partnership with your digital marketing agency in Perth is a great business move.

Advertising that’s highly targeted

Nothing is quite as targeted in your marketing strategy as pay per click marketing.

With Google Ads, you’re able to set up ads for specific terms. Say you own a plumbing business in Perth. Keywords like ‘Perth plumber’ and ad copy that’s directed to people looking for a plumber based in Perth. Remember – people type keywords into Google, so less is more with your advertising keywords.

Similarly, Google Ads allows you to market your products and service offerings, finetuning the keywords of the ad copy to whatever you like, i.e. ‘hot water replacement in Perth,’ and ‘water leak repairs in Perth.’

Streamline your Google AdWords campaign to be specific. This will help you find the right customers with cost-effective pay per click marketing in Perth.

Advertising that won’t break the bank

Multinational businesses as well as medium and smaller businesses use Google Ads in their business strategy.

As long as it’s a properly planned out and effective Google Ads campaign, you have the potential to outsell your closest competitors!

An effective Google Ad campaign involves:

  • Detailed research on keywords,
  • Effective targeting of your products and brand to the target market,
  • Excellent advertising copy, and
  • Attractive landing pages that optimise conversions.

Boost your revenue with Google Ads – where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content and more.

Advertising that’s under your control

Is the reason you’ve waited so long to work with a digital marketing agency, because you’re a micromanager? Good news! Using Google Ads for your business lets you stay in total control of your business’ marketing strategy.

Put the marketing power back in your hands. Google Ads lets you target your market in a manner of your choosing. Your local digital marketing agency in Perth will show you the ropes, and have you wearing your business development hat in no time.

What are you waiting for? Plan and implement your Google Ads Perth marketing strategy today.

With many businesses already putting so much of their advertising spend into Google Ads, don’t you think it’s time your business received a greater online presence?

Studio22 is a creative digital marketing agency in Perth who are well versed in Google Ads.

Dare to be digitally savvy and get your website noticed by Google and your target market.

Need help with Google Ads? Contact Studio22 today to see how we can help you understand and utilise pay per click marketing to boost your business.