Why You Should Embrace the Role of the Customer

What is a customer to you? Are they faceless and nameless? Do you connect with your customers or only think you do?

Businesses need to embrace the role of the customer, understand their wants, needs and pain points, and this is much more than taking on the ‘customer is always right’ approach.

This is embracing the role of the customer in your business, on a scale like never before.

Interested to see what we mean and how it can be done? Read more from the digital marketing agency team at Studio22 to find out more.

Power to the customer

Did you know, that according to Australian Salesforce research, more than half of all interactions between local businesses and their customers were digital in 2020?

Sure, this could well be out of necessity due to lockdown restrictions, but it’s also a definite sign of future business and customer relationships.

What provides power to the customer?

  • Easy access to information in digital platforms (as in an active business social media presence and user-friendly websites).
  • Customers are becoming increasingly smarter shoppers, with a wealth of information and choice at their fingertips.

Customers are more willing to ‘pull’ information for themselves rather than have businesses push sales talk and promises on them. When you treat a customer as a person, not a commodity who wants to establish a mutually beneficial connection and trust – you’re on the right track…

Market your business and market it well

Many business owners try to market their business themselves. Although they have great intentions, the marketing skillset to create a brilliant brand and marketing strategy isn’t quite there.

Building a brand and marketing a business takes time and effort. You don’t want to lose ‘the customer’ (aka your target market) if it’s not there or not well-executed.

With a strong digital marketing strategy, you can tap into what customers love, such as:

  • Informative posts and empathetic content,
  • Personalised messages and open-ended conversations,
  • Connected experiences and digital transformations.

A business is only as viable as the die-hard fans it creates. If you’re not embracing the role of the customer in your business wholeheartedly, your marketing strategy is incomplete.

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Digitalise your business with a digital marketing agency

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How do we do it?

  • Through the perfect blend of traditional marketing (print) and modern marketing (digital, social media and more).
  • Taking the time to get to really know your business.
  • Data driven methods coupled with tone, language and branding your audience will love.

How will we help your business? Are you ready to engage and embrace the role of the customer?

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