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Why Are Keywords So Important To Driving Traffic And Leads?

At Studio 22, an experienced SEO agency in Perth- the answer is simple: Visibility. 

When it comes to business, visibility is key. It always has been. 

It’s the reason why old-school bricks and mortar shops pay top dollar to have their store fronts in the best locations. Higher footfall leads to more customers, and ultimately, more sales. 

These days, the power of the internet has levelled the playing field and you no longer need to pay huge rents to have a significant presence in the mind of the modern consumer. High online footfall, or what we call traffic, is available at the click of a button. 

Enhancing the flow of this traffic and converting clicks into leads is called Search Engine Optimisation and at Studio 22, it’s one of the things we do best. 

Keywords Boost Visibility

Keywords are the queries, questions or phases that people type into search engines when they want something. With around 80% of the market, Google is by far the most popular search engine. 

The primary reason why keywords are so important is that they are the main way in which the world’s most powerful search engine ranks its search results. Put it this way, if keywords are important to Google, which they are; they are going to be important to you and your business when it comes to traffic and leads. 

Google has become so successful because it provides the most relevant search results to its users, and it is no surprise they want to keep it that way. Google employs sophisticated algorithms to generate its results and stay ahead. 

Landing on page one of the results page and ideally in the top three results is where every business wants to be. Figures show that the number one ranking on a Google results page will attract the lion’s share of available traffic with a click-through rate (CTR) of nearly 40%. Second place will get around 18% and third attracts about 10%. These results are a direct result of keyword link building and a successful search engine optimisation strategy. 

Enhancing SEO strategy is at the heart of what we do at Studio 22. Our award-winning digital marketing team in Perth has helped hundreds of local businesses to improve their Google ranking and subsequent sales growth as a result. 

Converting Traffic Into Leads

Among the Perth SEO services, Studio 22 stands out. We combine global understanding as a Premier Google Partner with powerful local knowledge.  

Arguably, the reason why we are the best SEO agency Perth has to offer is because of our deep understanding of the local market. We are experts in how local users search for local content and skilled in harnessing this information to make your website stand out. We know how hard businesses work to succeed and we are prepared to work just as hard to show Google how and why your business is not only relevant, but an authority in the Perth and WA marketplace. 

At the bleeding edge in Perth digital marketing, our unique approach can not only successfully increase the number of people visiting your website; we funnel potential leads into engaged buyers. Once again, it is by honing the right keywords that are relevant to your business that we ensure your website attracts active buyers.  

At Studio 22 we also help build, optimise and maintain your website’s landing page to improve commercial outcomes and convert those clicks into cash. 

Keyword Competition

It’s unsurprising that with so much value attached to keywords an entire market place around enhancing them has become incredibly competitive. There are, however, some tools available to help your business stay ahead. Welcome to the world of pay-per-click.  

Pay-Per-Click – PPC

Pay-Per-Click does what it says on the tin. Your business can pay to target keywords and if a user clicks through to your webpage as a result, you pay for the traffic and lead.  

At Studio 22 we are aware how tight budgets can be to drive successful Perth digital marketing campaigns. With this in mind, it is essential clients get bang for buck and pick the right keywords to maximise their chance of converting leads into sales. 

For example, if you were a successful accounting firm and skilled at book keeping, there would be no point in attracting customers to your website with a keyword PPC of “book”. You could potentially attract clicks from all sorts of people who were looking for anything from Amazon to the local library and pay a premium for doing so. Far better to use key words like “audit” or “rebate”. It may seem obvious, but you would be amazed at how many businesses get it wrong and it underlines how important it is to get Keywords right. 

For this reason, Studio 22 employs the following tools and approach to ensure your business stays competitive and harnesses the right keywords to increase traffic and leads: 

  • Keyword Planner
  • New keywords and search terms
  • Website optimisation
  • Target audience analysis & creation

At Studio 22, our Perth SEO services include an opportunity to assess the keywords associated with your business and explore new and more meaningful search terms. We are determined to make sure your business stands out.  

New Frontiers in SEO

We wouldn’t be the best SEO agency Perth has to offer if we weren’t aware of the latest trends impacting digital marketing. In a world where young people are increasingly picking up their I-phones to use TikTok and Instagram as search engines, businesses must consider how their SEO ranks on alternative platforms. Studio 22 offers a complete health check of your social media content and how it stands to harness the power of SEO to deliver even more opportunities for you to attract the right traffic and leads for your business.  

Next Steps

No matter how big or small your company is, every business needs traffic and leads to generate sales. Our specialist digital marketing team in Perth will be more than happy to talk through the right strategy for you and take your business to the next level. We look forward to welcoming you to the family and seeing for yourself why Studio 22 is the best SEO agency Perth has to offer. Click here to contact Studio 22.