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How to Optimise Your Website’s Landing Page and Why it’s Important

In Perth digital marketing, a landing page is a page that customers are sent to after clicking an ad.

This tailored page can impact your advertising effectiveness as well as your budget.

How to Optimise your Landing Page on your Website and why is it Important?

Learn how to convert your website visitors into customers. A well-designed, optimised landing page can increase your business’s conversion rate.

A landing page is the primary destination for conversions. It’s a web page that a business creates with the sole purpose of driving traffic to sales. A landing page is usually accessed by people who click on an email link, a digital advertisement, or a link on social media.

The page’s primary purpose should be to encourage people to sign up or buy products from the company. It is therefore crucial to ensure your landing page is perfect.

As a Perth digital marketing agency, we have put together this beginner’s guide to assist you in optimising your website’s landing pages and achieving maximum results for yourself or your business.

Do the Basics Right

When creating landing pages, there are some things that cannot be ignored. These are the basics to know before you try out new features or Perth SEO service strategies.

  • You should limit the number of interactions that visitors can make on your landing pages. You want them to sign up to your offer or buy what you are selling. Don’t allow them to leave the landing page.
  • It’s important to clearly state what you offer. When it comes to landing pages, less is more. If readers must dig for more information, they will leave the page.
  • Ensure your page loads quickly. Research shows that every second of loading time after clicking a button will lower your conversion rate by nearly five percent.
  • Add credibility to your business by including a testimonial, your partner logos, and any other information that will show you are a credible company.

Once you know the basics, you can add to them to optimise your page.

What is the importance of landing page optimisation?

The landing page experience is the customer’s experience while on your website. Customers will be more likely to complete purchases if it’s easier for them to navigate to their shopping basket.

Your landing page experience can also impact your ad rank, quality score, and overall cost. If users leave your landing page without purchasing, it may result in your ads not showing as often, or maybe not at all.

As part of your Perth SEO service, follow these landing page optimisation tips that can impact ad performance as well as overall budget.

Lowered Bounce Rate


A landing page that is tailored to a specific audience will have a lower chance of them clicking away or bouncing immediately. Traffic to a general landing site will result in fewer conversions and higher click costs.

Improved Quality Score

Google Ads will calculate your Quality Score based on the relevance of your landing page. Higher quality scores will be obtained if your landing page is more relevant to the keywords you have chosen. Your quality score will improve the ranking of your ads and reduce the cost per click.

Improved Ad Position

Google can detect when your landing page is more relevant to users than others. The more people stay on your site or page after clicking your ads, the higher your ad’s chances of being in the top position and eventually gaining more traffic.

Increased Links and Authority

The more interesting and relevant content your landing page contains, the higher the chances that people will share it, thereby increasing your web traffic without having to pay for clicks.

Examine the Statistics and Data


After you have created your landing page, collect data about your customers to determine what works best. This data will allow you to determine if your landing page needs to be modified. You may find that customers aren’t getting the message you want.

These are some ways you can determine what works best on your landing page:


These digital heat maps will let you see what your customers are seeing and where they are clicking on your landing pages. This will allow you to understand what converts and customise your Perth SEO service.

Scroll maps

Scroll maps, like heatmaps, can show you how far down your landing pages visitors read, how long each section took, and which exit they chose. This will help you to edit your landing pages so that they are appealing to the right customers.


A/B Testing

A/B Testing involves showing two versions of your website to different people simultaneously. This allows you to test different features and tactics and lets you see what customers like or dislike.

Make Changes Wisely

It is best to test out different strategies and features one at a time, then observe how they perform over time. A/B testing is a great tool for this: If you think a feature could be improved upon or replaced but don’t want the inconvenience of losing what you have, you can publish the updated version of the page simultaneously and observe how it performs.

A landing page that is well-designed can make a huge difference in your conversion rates. It’s crucial to keep your landing pages updated and regularly review their performance.

SEO-Optimise Your Landing Page

If your business wants to be found when people search for products or services, SEO is an integral part of your Perth digital marketing strategy. Effective SEO not only brings more traffic to your site through search engines, but also builds trust in your business and cements your position as a major player in your industry.

Some Perth SEO services include keyword research and the inclusion of keywords strategically on the page. Publish your page to a custom domain and make your content shareable. These SEO tips will guide visitors to your landing page, making them more likely to convert into customers.

Studio22 doesn’t just dabble in SEO, it is our bread and butter. As a skilled Perth digital marketing agency, SEO is our trademark service.

We use proven strategies that produce long-term results to help your website rank higher on Google.

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