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We have refreshed our website – is it time to do yours?

To celebrate our second birthday, we decided it was time to redevelop and redesign the Studio22 website. As we have grown as a business considerably in two years, we wanted our website to reflect what we represent today.

Our first order of business with the new website was to create a more modern, eye-catching design that was easy to navigate. We ensured that the design was on-brand utilising our colour palette whilst incorporating elements from our logo.

Another key focus for us was showcasing the great work we have been doing over the past two years and we achieved this by providing case studies of various clients. It was important we picked clients that were doing different services such as SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Advertising.

Our case studies can be viewed here.

A question we get asked often by clients and potential clients is when should my business update their website?

Times are always changing and so does your business and the goals you have, this is no different to how your website should evolve. Whether it is the design and visual aspect of your website or the functionality, your business’s website should change and adapt.


The visual appeal of your website is the first thing a prospective client decides on and it is important that the design reflects your business. Not only must it look professional, but the design must reflect your brand. Another key factor to consider is if your website is poorly structured, hard to navigate and lacking information a potential client may make assumptions about your business.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

In today’s digital age people are spending more time on their smartphones or tablets than desktop computers. This means your potential client could be viewing and finding your website on their phone or iPad. It is now essential that your website converts perfectly to mobile and tablet devices and is responsive to all different screen sizes.

Do not leave money on the table with a poorly designed and performing mobile version of your website, it is crucial businesses adapt or they will be left behind.

Not attracting the right clients

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing and selling tools your business has which is why it is paramount that you attract the right clients for your business. For example, if you are a luxury brand looking for high-end clients your website must create that image of extravagance, if you fail to hit your target market, they will click off almost instantly.

One of the most effective ways to ensure you are attracting your ideal client is to showcase projects or work that you recently complete. This is a great way for your future clients to see the level of work you do and encourage them to enquire.

Search Engine Optimisation

If generating more business through Google and ranking well on the search engine results is a goal for your website, then it is important it has the fundamentals required for google SEO.

One of the most important elements a website needs if you want to improve your ranking on Google is a blog to post new content. Google and other search engines love fresh, original, and frequently updated content which a blog page facilitates.

The Google search algorithm changes frequently so refreshing and redesigning your website every so often is good practise to ensure it is inline with the latest from Google. The restructure of your website will also help rethink your keyword strategy and allow you develop more pages to target your future clients.

How Studio22 Can Help

Your website can be a powerful marketing tool if used properly however we come across many websites that are underutilised or do not represent the business and their goals. There is no better time than the present to review your website and consider your options and ask yourself does your website represent your business effectively and does your website generate leads?

At Studio22 we have an experienced website team that can assist in updating your website or completely redesigning it.

If you think your website needs to be looked at or want to know where you stand, get in touch with us today and we will give you a complimentary website review and audit.