Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Win You New Business

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency is an investment that can yield consistent and healthy growth for your business. With a limited marketing budget however, this investment can be daunting for small and medium-sized business as most cannot afford to get it wrong. The best investors do their homework and are guided by one fundamental principle – It’s all about getting a return (ROI). In this post we will discuss some keys ways that a Digital Marketing Agency can help you win new business, as understanding the specifics of your investment is half the battle and the first step in maximising your return.

Finding the Right Tool For the Job

The Digital Marketing space is constantly in flux and adapting to cater to the evolving wants and needs of consumers. To put it simply: people don’t browse content the way they used to which means it is critical that your Digital Marketing Campaign uses the right tool to target the right end user.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool that makes your business visible by boosting your ranks on search engines like Google. When considering SEO, it is important to understand that it is a (relatively) long term investment that is built up over time as multiple tactics and strategies are executed to encourage healthy traffic to your website. In other words, SEO is your long game.

Google Ads on the other hand is an investment that can deliver a quick return – your short game. Google Ads allows businesses to bid on Keywords and lists these at the top of the page when that specific term is searched for, effectively letting you ‘jump’ up the rankings. This quick return comes at a cost though with the more popular, higher search volume, keyword phrases becoming increasingly expensive. This is where working with an Agency can help. The best Digital Marketing Agencies have dedicated Google Ads specialists that can develop a cost-effective strategy to target search terms that will net you the best ‘click conversion’ in accordance to your allocated budget.

Social Media Marketing is another great tool Digital Agencies employ to help generate brand awareness and funnel end users to your business and drive traffic to your website. Social Media Marketing lets your business connect and interact with an audience across selected, or multiple, Social Media Platforms – like Facebook and Instagram. Understanding your target market and knowing how and when they consume Social Media Content is imperative when developing a Social Media campaign as it will help maximise your return on investment. Great Digital Marketing Agencies employ software and cutting-edge tech that captures data and user behaviour across Social Media platforms and then uses this information to develop strategies that ensure your message and brand reaches the right audience.

Winning new business is hard and a challenge all small and medium-sized business face. This is why working with a Digital Agency is a smart investment in your business – they are in the business of getting businesses business. Now repeat that last sentence as fast as you can five times…