The Advantages Of Spotify Over Radio Advertising

Spotify – as of May 2018 – is the fastest-growing content platform in the world. Yessir… Let that sink in for a hot minute… This blossoming behemoth that is hardwired into the ear canals of over 9 million Australian users is the best-kept marketing secret you have never heard of. Effective marketing is all about placing and keeping your brand at the forefront of consumer’s minds. Spotify Radio Advertising has than traditional Radio Advertising as well as a higher level of user engagement. Combine these two factors with the alibility to quantify exactly how many people have heard your Spotify Advertisement and what the listen through rate was… and we have an entirely different Radio Advertising weapon on our hands. If we think of traditional Radio Advertising as applying a kind of ‘spray and pray’ approach with a sawed-off shotgun packing playdoe – Spotify Advertising is a Designated Marksmen Rifle punching jacketed hollow points.
Let’s discuss some key advantages this lethal advertising has over traditional Radio Advertising.

Quantifiable Data

On its most fundamental level, marketing must be understood as an investment. You are spending money to make/get a return on that money. You need to monitor and know exactly how well/poorly your investment is doing. Traditional Radio Advertising can reach a large audience, your ad can be played at certain peak times that correlates with listenership, but that’s about all the data you can get. Spotify Advertising, with the help of a Digital Marketing Agency on the other hand, can manage your Spotify Radio Advertising campaign and give you real-time data that captures: exactly man how many unique listens your ad has, what percentage of people listen through the entirety of the ad, and how many people listened to your ad then clicked through to your website. All of this is crucial information that can help a campaign be fine-tuned to ensure your message is reaching the right audience and give you the data you need so they can make an informed decision and get the best return.

Enhanced Targeting

One of the key areas that Spotify Radio Advertising trumps traditional Radio Advertising is targeting. With the help of a Digital Marketing Agency, your message or brand can be pinpointed to hit an audience across key metrics like age, gender and location. Sound pretty good? It gets better. Your campaign can be further refined to reach an audience based on what playlists, platform and podcasts they prefer. You can even have your advertisement played after a Spotify user listens to a certain kind of music or genre… now, this is next level Radio Advertising.

Know Thy Audience

The above may seem a little far-fetched and even trivial. And I hear you: “I mean really. How can having my ad played after a certain kind of genre get me more leads.”
And you’re right. That in and of itself probably won’t. But that little targeted detail is just one stroke that paints an entire picture of your ideal audience. And the ability to put your message in the face and ears of your ideal audience is why Spotify Radio Advertising is so powerful.