How to Respond to Google Reviews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Google reviews allow people the opportunity to review your business – the good, the bad and the ugly. While they’re a great opportunity for people to recommend your business, they’re also an opening for people to leave bad reviews, some even false!

Constructive criticism, in business and life in general, is a good thing. Yet, the power of Google reviews allows many potential consumers to form an opinion of your business brand before even experiencing it.

So, how should you respond to your business Google reviews? Read more from the digital marketing agency Perth team at Studio22 on how.

Facing criticism head on

As business owners, employees and as human beings – we all need to learn from our mistakes and respond to constructive criticism.

Remember, the difference between constructive criticism and regular criticism is this:

  • The intent and delivery,
  • Whether it’s emotional (criticism) or suggesting improvements (constructive criticism).

Negative Google reviews are pretty much unavoidable, so it’s not the end of the world when you get one. However, your response to the negative Google review will really show how your business brand deals with criticism.

How to respond to a bad Google review?

  • Take a deep breath,
  • Understand what they’re trying to communicate to you,
  • Formulate a solution to the problem,
  • Take time to construct a carefully worded, inclusive and positive reply, and
  • Reply sooner rather than later and publicly (if posted publicly).

It pays off to be empathetic and considerate of your customers or clients.

Extending an olive branch and showing a genuine effort to resolve the issue is the best approach for any business in responding to bad reviews.

Recognising appreciation

This is what businesses crave – a good review that thanks them for their service, offerings, friendly staff etc. As a business, it’s imperative to build a business brand that exudes:

  • Positivity,
  • Personability (yes, that’s a word!) and
  • Appreciation.

Good Google reviews show that your business is meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and that a client or customer is willing to recommend you to family, friends and strangers online.

How to respond to a good Google review?

  • With professionalism and warmness,
  • Add value to said customer by letting them know about current or future deals, and
  • Refer to them by name (if possible) with a timely, public reply.

How a digital marketing agency in Perth can help

Sometimes business owners and employees are too busy with delivering exceptional service and products, that they don’t have the time and resources to reply to Google reviews and/or complete social media marketing.

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When running a business, it’s crucial to not let compliments get to our head, or let nasty reviews get to our heart.

Criticism can cut us to the core – but it’s learning from our downfalls that allow us to implement change for the better.

Word of mouth is a powerful consumer buying decision, and while we can’t stop bad reviews from coming in, how we respond to them is everything.

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