How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Are you ready to turbocharge your Instagram growth?

Instagram is now a major part of many brands’ social platforms. It has helped drive traffic to landing pages, grow conversions and build an engaged following.

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As experts in SEO services in Perth we believe, it is crucial to distinguish organic from paid followers. Sometimes brands choose the easy route when trying to increase their Instagram followers. These shortcuts, such as paying for followers and likes, are all too common. However, these shortcuts are rarely worth the cost. The Instagram algorithm is regularly updated to remove low-quality accounts and interactions.

Optimise your Perth digital marketing strategy and increase your online presence with these tips on getting more Instagram followers.

Optimise your bio

Your bio is the first thing that people see when they go to your account. You need to ensure it’s clear and represents who you are as well as your intentions on Instagram.

You can make it entertaining or memorable but keep it short and sweet. You want it to sum up your company and your business in one easy bite.

Keep a consistent content calendar

Posting content randomly and haphazardly is the worst thing that you can do to increase followers on Instagram.

Brands shouldn’t post more often than once a day to avoid spam. But, whatever your frequency, be consistent

Schedule posts in advance

Posting at the right time can give your posts greater visibility and increase the engagement.

Schedule content in advance to make sure your entire team is able see campaigns and schedules much more efficiently.

Get partners and brand influencers to share your content

The more followers you have (organically), then the more buyers and customers you’ll get.

It is crucial to be present on both your Instagram and others’ accounts. To get your brand noticed in customer’s feeds, sponsor user generated content. You can also organize Instagram contests that will help you reach a wider audience. These campaigns are social proof as they show that your fans are interested enough in your content to repost it or create their own UGC.

You can collaborate with other Instagram accounts that are larger than yours, such as notable industry influencers, to share your content. You must make sure your content is valuable.

Avoid fake followers

While it may seem appealing to purchase Instagram followers, the negative impact on organic follower growth is much greater than the benefits.

  • Gain new followers by deceiving them:Accounts with inactive Instagram accounts that have tens or thousands of followers will lose their credibility.
  • There is no ROI.While it may seem easier to purchase followers, unmanned new ones or your acquired bot won’t buy anything.
  • Get little buzz:You have 10,000 fake followers. How many will you get to comment, like, share and share your content with?

Your Instagram posts can be shared, liked, commented on, and engaged with by real people. They also love it when someone responds to their posts.

Showcase your Instagram everywhere

One of the best methods to get found is by creating visibility and awareness. You should ensure that your Instagram account has been listed on your website, as well as other social networking sites. Cross promoting your social media accounts can be a great idea. It’s not enough to just ask for a following. Make sure you promote unique content to your Instagram account, so people have an incentive to follow you.

Reply to comments

It is important to reply honestly to all comments. These are your supporters and the reason you joined Instagram.

Write a great caption

You can increase your engagement and growth by writing captions that connect with your followers, asking genuine questions that result in genuine comments.

Taking advantage of the 2,200 characters to create a fantastic Instagram caption can add meaning, showcase the individuality of your company, and entertain the viewer.

Tag Your Location

Studies have shown that Instagram images with the location included in them can perform up to 79% better and get more engagement. So, only include a location if it is safe.

Host a giveaway

You can reach thousands of people with the right strategy and build a sense of community around you brand.

Clear entry requirements are important to help you reach your growth goals.

Giveaways on Instagram can be particularly beneficial when you partner with a brand or creator who shares your target audience.

Stay on Topic

Be sure to keep your Instagram account up to date with trending topics. Instagram will quickly reveal which content performs best, so be sure to share the content your followers love.

Invest in your hashtag strategy

Hashtags have been a vital tool for discovery, allowing us to expand our social reach. You should use for hashtags that aren’t too popular and ones that people will likely use. Use unique, branded hashtags to group posts about content that is relevant to your brand and campaign.

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How are you growing your Instagram following?

It can be difficult to grow your Instagram following. But, if you apply the right strategies and techniques, you will gain more followers.

It’s a mixture of creative content, targeting right audiences and tapping into Instagram’s latest features and trends.

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