How to build a website that enables digital marketing

Having a website for your business is great but having a website that utilises the magic of digital marketing is better.

Does your business have a website that works alongside digital marketing?

Read more from digital marketing agency in Perth, Studio22 on why a website that includes digital marketing is better, and how web design in Perth that can help you build one.

Signs of the un-optimised website

In the digital age, consumers are expecting more and more from businesses, including web design that’s user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s what web designers in Perth say are the signs of the un-optimised website:

  • Problematic platforms
  • Challenging code,
  • Which therefore presents difficult digital marketing challenges.

Just wanting a website up and running for your business, coupled with poor time and budget restraints, isn’t going to wow your customers.

Decisive digital marketing + wonderful web design = a bountiful business brand

A website is the solid foundation of a business brand and where customers or potential customers go to see what your business is about, who you are and how you add value to them.

Here’s a few starting points to consider before consulting with web design in Perth:

  • What’s the purpose of your website? To inform, book, or to buy then and now?
  • How technical would you like it? Usability is wise, along with clever code and page loading,
  • Would you like plug-ins or 3rd party integrations to build upon for future use?
  • How will customers interact with you?
  • Will your business brand be embedded and reflected into your web design?

As the digital shopfront of your business, a fully inclusive and integrated website will only boost your business brand and customer satisfaction.

Build a better website with Perth web design and digital marketing agency

Below are some features of digital marketing offerings which are proving increasingly important for business websites:

  • Content

Let’s not look past the humble power of words and other forms of content. Content creation allows businesses to add value to consumers by informing, exciting and persuading. With the rise of social media marketing, videos and blog posts are a fun way to attract and retain consumers. Featuring visual and written content on business websites is engaging.

  • Ecommerce

This is the ability to sell products through your website. If not a reality now, could it be in your business’ future? It’s better to invest in the capabilities of ecommerce now, as it’s only going to grow, so choose web design in Perth who understands ecommerce.

  • PPC

From Facebook Ads to Google Ads, PPC, or pay-per-click advertising allows businesses to essentially buy visits to their websites. Leads, enquiries or sales are all possibilities with PPC advertising and an optimised website which enables this.

  • SEO

When you combine words and numbers, you get SEO, or search engine optimisation. SEO involves using keywords to boost credibility and rankings with Google. Quality and quantity of website traffic is increased with strategic SEO on websites, so why not consider SEO with web design in Perth?

Need help with website building? Contact the web design Perth specialists at Studio22 to see how we can build a website that’s intertwined with the beauty of digital marketing for your business.