How does your business cope in a crisis?

Ah Covid-19, it’s brought us some challenges hasn’t it? We all know them, so we won’t list them all (and we know you’re probably sick of hearing about them.)

What we do what to focus on, is one of the biggest and most important challenge that Covid-19 has brought us… the business crisis. Businesses across Perth, Australia and throughout the entire world have greatly felt the negative effects of the global pandemic and economic crisis. Some businesses have struggled, and some, unfortunately, are no longer, while some have even managed to flourish.

Covid-19 has taught us many lessons too – one of the many lessons; how to cope in a crisis. More specifically, businesses owners have learned how their business copes in a crisis.

How does your business cope in a crisis and how can you better prepare your business for the future?

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Businesses crisis categories  

We’ve seen three categories of business coping mechanisms throughout this crisis:

  1. Difficult & unfortunate

The businesses in this category are perhaps the saddest stories of them all. In their types of industries, there has been little or nothing they could do due to government restrictions – hospitality and beauty industries, for example.

  • Confused & uncertain

These businesses have the opportunity to do something different and make the most of a difficult situation, but simply don’t know where to start.

In a scary and uncertain time, it’s common to sit back and play it safe.

  • Proactive & pivoting

We’ve seen many business owners really take hold of the situation and be proactive and pivot. Businesses are transitioning to online for the first time ever, taking on new challenges and creating new products and offering new services – they’re doing anything they can do stay afloat and are being very creative while they do it.

This takes courage and coaching, but is possible.

Which category does your business fit into? How does your business cope in crisis?

If you’re not quite sure, or find yourself feeling a little deflated because your business doesn’t fit into the ‘proactive and pivoting category’, don’t worry. We’ve never been here before, this is new to everyone and chances are, your business has never faced a crisis or had to learn to cope.

If you’re ready to get proactive and learn to pivot in your business, keep reading… we’ve got some tips to help.

Stay Connected to your customers

Staying connected with your customers and potential customers has literally never been more important.

This is one of the ways businesses are still succeeding, and staying at the forefront of consumers mind through the crisis craziness.

How do you stay connected?

  • Send regular newsletters to your subscribers with updates and relatable content
  • Call your customers to simply ask them how they are
  • Post on social media consistently
  • Update your website regularly with new content and relevant, helpful blogs

Keep Marketing your business

When a business is facing difficulty and uncertainty, their marketing budget is usually the first thing to go, but it shouldn’t be.

Why? Not only may your competitors move ahead of you, cutting back your marketing budget now, may see a higher spend later.

What you may not realise, is that when it comes to digital marketing, it’s a long-term approach – a slow and steady burn, if you will. What digital marketing isn’t, is a quick fix. It’s also definitely not something you can simply turn on and off, without seeing a significant shift in results being achieved and targets being met. So, by cutting back your marketing budget now in fear and panic, you may actually end up having to spend more down the track.

Before you cut out or back your marketing budget, talk to your Perth digital marketing agency first, to see how they can help.

How does your business cope in a crisis and how can you better prepare your business for the future?

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