Why You Should Use the Psychology of Colour in Your Website

Colour and psychology go together like milk and cookies. 

The way we perceive colour influences our emotions, and in marketing, our willingness to buy or connect with a product, service or business. Colour psychology is a real deal. 

Want to know why and how you should use the psychology of colour in your website? 

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What is colour psychology? 

To put it plainly, colour psychology is the study of how colour affects human behaviour. This in turn, is a subsection of behaviour psychology, which of course, is part of the greater realm of psychology. 

It could be complicated to dive into, but thankfully, you need only know the basic principles. 

For example, Nanoscience scholar Satyendra Singh determined it takes a customer only 90 seconds to form an opinion of a product. 62%-90% of this interaction was found to be by product colour alone. 

Colour psychology is sometimes disputed because people believe colour is a personal preference that differs widely between individuals. 

These are the people who could benefit from knowing a thing or two about colour psychology: 

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders, 
  • Office managers and store owners, 
  • Architects and landscape architects, 
  • Chefs and packaging designers. 

Discover more about colour psychology and web design in Perth below. 

Different strokes for different folks 

When it comes to colour psychology, it’s all about using it at the right time, targeting the right people, the right way and for the right purpose. 

Here’s what we mean: 

  • Is your target audience kids? Vibrant colours and a burst of yellow should be your go-to. 
  • A recent survey on gender and colour revealed blue was popular with women (35% said this), as well as purple (23%) and green (14%). 
  • The female respondents resonated less with orange (33% stated it was their least favourite), followed by brown (33%) and grey (17%). 
  • Marketing to men? Steer clear of purple, orange and brown and welcome blue, green and black, instead. 
  • The colour blue encourages trust, order, loyalty and authenticity. You need only look at the branding colours of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, PayPal etc. 
  • Yellow is utilised for fun, play, happiness but also warnings, and allegedly yellow “activates the brain’s anxiety centre,” states director of Carlton Wagner, director of Wagner Institute of Color Research. 
  • Green is perfect for outdoor and environmental products and brands. 
  • Black is the colour for your website if you want to signify luxury, elegance and value. 

Remember every customer, every person is different. This is purely for grouping behaviours and preferences based on generality. 

Web design in Perth you can trust (just like the colour blue) 

A website for your business is more important than you would think. 

It should be optimised to be user-friendly, have meaningful website content and also the right colours that sway.  

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