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Why Should You Use Social Media Advertising?

Why you should use social media advertising?

Social media – where would many of us be without it?

From sharing content with loved ones to networking with like-minded industry individuals – social media makes us laugh and cry, informs and entertains us on the daily.

As of 2020, the average daily usage of internet users spending time on social media amounted to 145 minutes per day.

So naturally, social media advertising is a tried and tested, useful method for businesses to market the products and services.

Want to know why you should utilise social media advertising? Read more to find out.

Where are consumers spending most of their time online?

A 2020 survey of over 300 respondents showed that Facebook holds onto its crown as the most popular social media platform – for now anyway at 58%, followed by YouTube in second at 14%.

Surprisingly Instagram and TikTok platforms made up just 11% and 4% of social media usage by these respondents.

Of course, data gathered from just over 300 people is not indicative of worldwide demographic preferences, and Instagram and TikTok, as you might already know, is favourited among predominantly younger social media users.

So, does this mean you should utilise social media advertising only on Facebook and Instagram?

Where should your social media advertising efforts be focused?

If there’s one thing to know about marketing (digital, print or otherwise), it’s that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Advertising to everyone essentially equals to advertising to no one.

So, first thing’s first – identify who you want to market your business brand, products or services to.

Need help doing this? This is a digital marketing agency’s bread and butter.


Let these factors below direct your social media advertising efforts:

  • Where your target market spends most of their time online
  • The type of content you will be creating (articles, photos, infographics or videos?)
  • The channels and content that convert the best.

Need help understanding demographic data, social media campaign set-ups, launches and monitoring? You need a digital marketing agency to help you succeed.

 Try social media advertising with a digital marketing agency

Establishing a recognisable and reputable brand on social media can be time-consuming as content publishing needs to be consistent.

Sometimes organic advertising (aka unpaid marketing strategies) will only get you seen so much and so far. Your business should definitely consider a hybrid strategy of both organic and paid social media advertising. Enter: Facebook advertising.

What is Facebook advertising?

  • It’s a paid advertising option that has the capacity to solve a number of business problems, working seamlessly to launch products, generate brand awareness and quality leads that drive sales.
  • For ease of use and efficient optimisation, a digital marketing agency recommends this marketing strategy be left to those know it best – us.

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