Ways to use Instagram Stories Effectively

Instagram is an excellent tool for promoting your business, showcasing your brand, and interacting with your followers. You don’t need to focus all your attention on liking, following, and posting on your Instagram account. The key to a successful ‘gram is to share your story on Stories!

Instagram stories are a BIG deal.

But if you haven’t tried them yet, let us give you a nudge….

Why use Instagram stories?

The simple answer is because they are effective.

It’s a wonderful way to let go of your carefully planned, on-brand feed and showcase a different side. It’s freedom and spontaneity wrapped in one neat package.

You can use them for funny filters, or to share what you ate today.

Instagram Stories are not only creative and fun, but also one of the best ways you can grow your brand awareness and drive sales.

It allows users to create stories viewed for 24 hours instead of showing up in someone’s feed.

So, how do you use Instagram Stories effectively?

Introduce your team

You can highlight their work and give people insight into who they really are as professionals. This will allow users to get a glimpse behind the scenes at your business.

Because stories don’t have to be big polished production you can post “day in the life” content and take your followers along for the ride.

Feature customer testimonials

Use storytelling to show your audience what you can do.

Many brands share Stories that are dedicated to their followers’ user generated content, such as tags customer photos.

Engage your audience

Use simple, concise content to capture moments followers might have missed and engage new audiences.

Stories allow your audience to participate in the brands conversation further by allowing them to vote, rate and voice their opinions based on the questions you ask them to use Emoji stickers, polls and questions on stories.

Bring your campaigns to the forefront

This feature can be used to complement other campaigns or use it simply because it’s fun!

Stories allow you to tease what you have coming down the pipeline. You could be about to drop a new product or announce an exciting collaboration, use creative features like stickers and countdowns to create a sense of anticipation.

Promote Brand Recognition

Enhancing your profiles look is a smart way to leave a branded impression on your followers

Bypass the Instagram algorithm by hyping up a new post in your main feed via Stories.

Are you making the most of your Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are an easy and effective way to add fun and humanity to your social media marketing.

Do you want to start using Instagram stories?

Contact Studio22 today for tips to get started today on amplifying Stories and engage more with one of the fastest growing Instagram tools.