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Unsure on What to Post to LinkedIn? Best Content Ideas 2022

It is essential to post great content regularly on LinkedIn if you are serious about building your brand and having a strong Perth digital marketing campaign.   


LinkedIn is not just a social network for professionals. It’s also a platform to promote your brand, talent acquisition, social selling, and more. However, we understand that the success of this platform relies heavily on the information we post. 

Our LinkedIn feed feels more like Facebook 10 years ago. When you looked at the pages you were following, every post wasn’t an advertisement, and it was clean and simple.

It’s easy to share comments and search for them. 

What we love most is the absence of drama! It’s simple. That’s what we love! 

But have you ever wondered what you should be posting? This article can help you figure out what to write about in your LinkedIn posts. 

These are the top LinkedIn post ideas that will generate leads. 


Create Original, Long-Form Content 


A good rule of thumb for driving LinkedIn engagement and reach is to give people something of value. Don’t think of long-form content as a goal by itself. Instead, use it to add value to your audience. 


Ideas for Long-Form Content on LinkedIn


Long-form content makes a great delivery medium for whitepapers and how-to guides, as well as research reports, case studies, and many other types of information. The article’s length doesn’t matter. Make sure every word is interesting to the reader. 


Offer Tips, Hacks, and How-To’s

It is all about providing value to the reader. This can be as simple as a status update or post that reveals a new way to use a popular tool. You can also create a comprehensive guide that explains how to use complex software with no prior knowledge. 

How-to and list-style posts receive the most attention on LinkedIn, and they’re presented in digestible (bite-size) ways that help us (the reader/viewer/scroller) absorb that content. 

You can try content that lists multiple ways, tips, methods, reasons, hacks, and shortcuts. Then see how these posts perform on LinkedIn. 


Share Webinar Video Clips


It’s amazing how webinars can give you a lot of value. The whole thing can be posted as a single content piece. You can use clips to focus on specific ideas or points and post them on LinkedIn. 

Add subtitles to the video so that they can be viewed without audio. This will allow your followers to get the essence of the video clip right away when they scroll. 


Recognise Your Successes


You should not be ashamed to recognise individual and company achievements. 

You can give people a window into your company by sharing industry awards, company progress, and personal milestones. This type of LinkedIn content can make you and your company appear more authentic to others. 


Highlight Your Team


If you are looking for unique content ideas for LinkedIn, why not share a bit of yourself? In sales, there is a famous saying. People buy from people. LinkedIn proves this, especially if your goal is to generate leads. Your audience needs to feel connected to you. It is important to share stories about your personal struggles and successes that customers can relate to. 

You can give outsiders a peek into your company by focusing attention on your people. You can showcase the activities of your employees by creating content, e.g., there are “day in the life of” posts that can be used to showcase what your employees are up to. This gives customers and potential job candidates an idea of who they’d work with should they choose to apply for a job with your company. 

It is important to promote your employees’ accomplishments and other activities. If your employees have been invited to speak at an event, webinar, or other company event, you should encourage that. This not only makes your team more visible to the rest of the industry, but it also shows that you value your employees’ achievements and strengths. 


Participate in Discussions


LinkedIn will occasionally show you conversations that involve multiple people. These conversations offer an excellent opportunity to shine a light on your own shortcomings. However, you will need to ensure that you are fully informed and that your input is of real value. 

If you’re successful, you will find people who want to connect with you or follow your official pages. This will boost your Perth SEO service. 


Highlight Your Customers’


Consider highlighting the users of your products or services. Use testimonial videos and videos to allow them to share their experiences with your company. You can also create case studies to show how customers have succeeded with your products. 


Use User-Generated Content (UGC)


Find ways to encourage your customers and employees to create content. This could be as simple as reviews, testimonials, and personal thought leadership. 

UGC, and employee-generated material (EGC) have the advantage of augmenting your LinkedIn content efforts and building a strong digital marketing campaign in Perth. It provides you with more material to fill out your content pipeline. You’ll be able to find a variety of content because you are drawing on many different sources. EGC is a great way to engage employees.

Finally, since the content comes directly from employees or customers, it has more authenticity than brand content. 


The common thread that binds all our examples is delivering value. 

The bottom line is that we all have limited time. LinkedIn content is becoming more popular than ever. Therefore, LinkedIn will play a large role in your Perth digital marketing campaign. 

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