The Facebook Advertising Tips Your Business Needs In 2021

Facebook – it’s where people stay connected with people all across the world; where you can wish Happy Birthday to friends, instant message, and share content.

You probably already know that apart from the personal and social aspect, that Facebook is also a great marketing tool for business.

If you use or are thinking about using Facebook advertising in 2021, here are some tried and tested ways to boost your business with this social platform.

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Immerse and emerge with Facebook Canvas Ads

According to Facebook itself, Canvas is “a full-screen ad experience built for bringing brands and products to life on mobile.”

Advertisers are able to deliver fully immersive, interactive ads hosted completely on Facebook. This is a welcomed strategy because users no longer have to click out of the app to engage with mobile content.

Facebook Canvas Ads include:

  • Videos,
  • Still images,
  • Text,
  • Call to actions and other variations of interactive content.

It’s apparent time-consuming creation process has deterred many businesses from using Facebook Canvas Ads, but statistics say it’s oh-so-worth it.

In fact, on average, 53% of Facebook users who open a Canvas ad view at least half of it, likely due to the unmatched storytelling of different ad types complementing each other.

Keep it short and simple

Short, sweet and simple – that’s how the modern consumer likes it.

That’s why the shorter the video you post on your Facebook business page, the more likely they’ll stick around for its entirety.

Enter the Graphics Interchange Format, most commonly known as the GIF.

The gift of GIFS:

  • They exist in the space between images and videos, being short videos that play on a loop, but require far less time and resources to make.
  • They look fantastic on mobile platforms and are smooth and subtle enough to engage your audience.

Evoke reactions for less with easy GIF making and posting. Not sure how? Why not let a Facebook advertising Perth agency show you how and do it for you?

Bring back relevance and quality

Quality and engagement go hand in hand when it comes to marketing. Your business can facilitate this partnership by measuring the quality and engagement level of your ads through Facebook’s Relevance Score.

Tell me more:

  • On a scale of 1 (being poor) – 10 (being great), your Relevance Score determines both your cost per click on Facebook, and
  • How frequently Facebook shows your ad.

You can boost your chance of a great Relevance Score with hyper-specific targeting and testing and making great-quality ads consistently.

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