SEO in 2022: What’s in and what’s out?

Oct 21, 2021

Search engine optimisation (abbreviated by many to simply SEO) is much more than sprinkled (or stuffed) keywords throughout websites.

In fact, content quality and length, link building, web design and speed, even file sizes have an important role in formulating a strong SEO strategy.

As this year ends and a new one approaches, it’s not a time to slow down (completely, anyway). Rather, it’s time to strategise your business marketing efforts, and learn some forecasted trends, so as not to fall behind in the New Year.

Want to know what’s in and what’s out for SEO in 2022?

Read more from the Perth digital marketing agency and SEO experts at Studio22, to find out.


Identifying your goals

How can you start 2022 off right if your business lacks measurable, identifiable and realistic goals?

Getting more visitors to your site is a good place to start, but there’s plenty of moving parts that go into this goal.

Such as:

  • How many are you envisioning?
  • What will it do for your business and how will it tie into your sales strategy?
  • And of course, how will it happen?

You can fill in the blanks further by asking and implementing:

  • How will you measure these site visits and conversions?
  • What is your timeframe to attract and convert these site visitors?
  • Who is your target audience?

Start by asking yourself and perhaps your team these questions. If you’re getting stuck. Enlist the help of a reputable Perth digital marketing agency to assist. This is our bread and butter!


Observing the competition

To truly attract your target market, you must know who the competition is – including what they’re good at.

Get observing by checking out competitor:

  • Reviews
  • Organic search rankings
  • User experience and unique selling points
  • Language and content strategy.


The technical side

A poor website kills user experience, making those potential customers jump ship (aka bounce).

Make sure your website’s backend is in tip-top shape for the new year ahead.

Look for:

  • Load times
  • Problematic URL structures
  • Pages without HTTPS
  • 404 error pages
  • XML Sitemaps issues
  • Outdated or missing URLs.

Studio22 have a dedicated Perth web design team who are ready to refresh your website to take it to new heights.

Leave the following out of your 2022 SEO strategy

It’s time to say goodbye to these things if you haven’t already:

  • Poor user experience
  • Intrusive ads
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Duplicated content.

Need help rectifying the above? Studio22 are who you can rely on to optimise your marketing, content and SEO strategy.


SEO strategising with Studio22

If you’re looking to be proactive in your business for whatever 2022 may bring, you need the expertise of a Perth digital marketing agency.

Studio22 will help your business cultivate an online presence that will allow customers, both loyal and new, to keep coming back for more.

What we offer:

  • Clear outcomes – we get to know you and outline what we can do for you
  • Transparent reporting – easy to digest insights and strategies
  • Customer support – we’re here to help. Really.


Want to get your business ready for 2022 and beyond?

Look to the experts in innovation and a Perth digital marketing agency you can trust.

Contact Studio22 today.

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