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Making the most out of your Google Ads Campaign

It is no secret that Google is the biggest search engine in the world and Australian’s use it every day, it has become an essential part of life.

Google Ads has become a massive player in the digital marketing space as it allows businesses to advertise their products and services at the top of the Google search results. These PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns have become a crucial part in the success of many of our clients, some of which rely solely on Google Ads for new business.

Some of you out there reading this article might manage your own Google Ads campaigns or might be considering finding someone to manage your campaign for you. At Studio22 we believe Google Ads to be an extremely important tool to developing new business online and it is a must for most businesses out there to at least try once.

Over the years Google Ads has become more complex and offering many different options that can create an array of new ideas and strategies. When a Google Ads campaign is set up properly and managed efficiently you will save money and improve your return on investment.

If you are already managing your own campaign or wanting to learn more, we have put together a few tips to try out and help you get more out of your Google Ads campaign.

Location settings

What locations you are advertising in is especially important, especially for small businesses who have a small budget. Instead of advertising for all of Perth you need to ask yourself where your ideal client is located.

For example, if you are a local health provider such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist it would be more cost effective to advertise in a small radius around your clinic than advertising across all of Perth. If you are getting clicks from people who live no where near your place of business it is highly likely you are just wasting money.

Keyword selection

Using the right keywords for your Google Ads campaign is extremely important. If you are too generic you may experience a lot of searches that are not exactly related to your business and thus you will be wasting money.

We suggest using the Google keyword tool to assist in figuring out the optimal keywords that are going to relate to your products or service.

Test and test again

One of the biggest advantages digital marketing offers is the ability to test your ads very effectively to determine which one yields the best results.

It is important to create various ads that have different copy and different landing page destinations and then to test these different ads. This is called an A/B split test.

When testing is done on your ads you are able to analyse and determine the best ad which could potentially increase your sales whilst minimising how much you are spending.


Making sure you are tracking any enquiry, call or sale from your Google Ads is extremely important. You need to know how much money or how many enquiries your campaign is generating so you can determine your ROI.

It is also important to track data because you can the determine if a keyword is clearly outperforming other keywords. If there is a stand-out keyword that is generating all the enquiries/calls/sales whilst the others are not, then why spend money on a keyword that has no return?