How to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Digital Marketing
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Modern marketing focuses on customers as individuals, not as dollar signs.

Real people want real, worthwhile experiences, and improving your customer’s overall experience with your business, is a great goal to consistently strive towards.

Are you interested in improving your customer’s experience? Of course, you are!

Read more from the Perth digital marketing agency experts at Studio22 to see how it’s possible.


What is the customer experience anyway?

The impression that your customers have of your brand and all the little aspects that make up the buyer’s journey – that’s the customer experience.

The customer’s view of your brand is a deal breaker when it comes to the viability of your business, including revenue. So, business owners and employees should work hard to improve the customer experience.

A digital marketing agency in Perth will walk you through doing it.


Communicate with your customers

To really know and understand if your customers are happy with your product, service and business you need to understand what they need. Communication is very, very important.

It’s crucial that your customers know and understand what the next steps are, what they are to expect from you and what may be required of them.

Communicate the expectations by addressing this:

  • How is the product or service being delivered?
  • When will it be expected?
  • If there are any delays, will this be communicated?

Whether it’s via text, email or face-to-face, effective communication is essential to the customer experience. After all, nobody wants to be left in the dark.



Encourage feedback

Perhaps there’s something that could have been missed? Or something that could very well improve your business for the better. Enter: customer feedback.

This could be a discrete suggestion box in your retail or hospitality outlet or professional services office. Or, you could send a link to your customers based off their recent encounter with your business.

Why ask for feedback?

  • Because customers are more willing to share their negative experiences with their friends, family and even strangers online than they are positive ones.
  • Many customers believe in second chances, so improving on products and service based on constructive criticism is highly regarded.

Remember to keep suggestions and surveys short and sweet and of course, voluntary, too.


Improve customer experience digitally

In-person interactions with a business are significant, but so too are a customer’s experience with a business online.

A customer or potential customer should be able to find most, if not all of the information they need online, such as:

  • Address and opening hours
  • An up-to-date, user-friendly website
  • Phone number, email address or contact form (or hopefully all 3!)
  • Information about what your business does, what you provide, and
  • The ability to purchase goods and services online (if applicable).

If you need help with the customer experience on your digital platforms, contact Studio22 for digital marketing and web design in Perth.


Studio22 are here to help

As a digital marketing agency in Perth, Studio22 know what makes customers tick. We have the time, dedication and expertise to enhance your customer’s experience.