How much does a digital agency cost?

Digital Marketing
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How much does a digital agency cost, you say? Well – it depends.

Every business is different, which means there’s no size fits all approach to how you should go about building, sustaining and marketing your business.

Want to know how much a digital agency is expected to cost based on the needs of the business and services required? Read more from the Perth digital marketing agency, Studio22, to find out.

Digital Marketing in a nutshell

You’ve decided to ask for help from your local Perth digital marketing agency. Great! But how much will it cost you?

At Studio22, we aim for mutually beneficial, long-term working relationships. As such, this is a taste of how we come up with our pricing.

We get to know you, and:

  • What outcomes are desired from your campaign?
  • Where your business is now, plus the level of competition in your industry and locale
  • The existence of current marketing properties (your website, in-house team, database, marketing technology if in place at all and current traffic numbers)
  • How much we, the agency, spend on our people, offices, training and other spend factors.
  • The value our agency has of our time, skills, knowledge and naturally, our intended profit from the agreed engagement.

Marketing figures in motion at Studio22

Let’s take a look at a sample of our channel specific campaigns.

Google Ads

Studio22 generally manage Google Ads campaigns for businesses starting around the $XX mark.

This, of course, is scalable dependant on media spend and account complexity.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our Studio22 SEO Perth clients generally pay us between $1000 and $5000 a month to handle their ongoing SEO campaigns. Different rates depending on differences in scope.

For example:

  • The time required on the technical side, including who is making website and coding changes
  • Content creation and who is responsible for it
  • Offsite strategy and other key considerations.

Paid social media advertising

These are often the most difficult to add a price tag to. Why? Because it needs strategy, tracking, creativity, media management and technical efficiency.

A rough ballpark for a social media campaign from Studio22 is between $XX and $XX.

Remember, this is indicative only.

Contact Studio22 for an obligation free consultation to discuss your digital marketing needs and to understand how we can help you build your business.

Why we believe some contract models don’t always work

  • Hourly rates have the potential to make marketers work slower.
  • Agreeing on a percentage of media spend may encourage the marketing agency to find more ways to spend more media.
  • Working without a long-term contract may lead to short-term goals and ways of thinking.
  • Negotiating a price down below market value, allowing little to no profit for the agency is all but guaranteed a job done well, but not amazingly well. Value us and we’ll value you.

Don’t be fooled. Cheaper is rarely the better option. What’s important though is cost-effectiveness.

Are you getting visible, tangible and numerical results from your digital marketing agency?

Are we communicating our digital strategy to you, in a way that makes sense, and can you see it all coming together? Contact Studio22 for cost-effective business-boosting digital marketing solutions.

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