Get more leads from your website with these 3 optimisation tips

Jul 22, 2020

Your website may look great and be filled with lots of incredible content, but unless the right people are visiting your website and leads are being generated and converted, then what’s the point?

Not a lot… The goal of your website is to engage the right people (your ideal customers) and generate leads. So, if your website isn’t doing that, you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t worry though, there are ways to get more leads from your website and grow your business and we’ve got the website development tips to help.

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  1. Use the Digital Analytic Tools

You know all those digital analytic tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console? Use them! They’re there for a reason – and a very good reason indeed.

These tools can unlock a wealth of website information and help you track important things like:

  • User data
  • Metrics
  • Campaign
  • Top content
  • Frequently used keywords
  • Website traffic – number of visits and from where
  • Users
  • Audience – who they are and how they’re getting there
  • User Generated Content

Trust between people is important, but when it comes to making an online purchase, whether that be a product or a service, customers are more likely to trust other customers.

So, how do you make this happen? By doing a few simple things:

  • Encourage engagement by allowing comments
  • Display real customer experiences by linking social media and encouraging customers to tag and hashtag your business in their posts, using your product or service
  • Share real customer testimonials throughout the website and link to social recommendations and reviews too
  • Go on your customer’s journey

When was the last time you went on your customer’s journey through your website? Have you ever?

If the answer is no or it’s been a long time, then you need to do this, and soon.

Why? Because it’s important to see what you customer or potential customer sees, feels and experiences. It’s important to discover things like:

  • Do all the links go to the right place?
  • Is the web design user friendly?
  • Are their questions answered?
  • Is the content engaging and easy to read?
  • Does everything load quickly and correctly?

Then, using your analytics tools, track the movement of your users and focus specifically on exit pages. An exit page is important, because it’s the page where the user’s session ends. So, if they leave the website without contacting you or making a purchase, then it may be as a result of something or lack of something, on that page.

If the same exit page is popping up between users, revisit that page and get advice from a Perth digital marketing professional, to see how it could be improved.

With these 3 website development tips and the help of a Perth digital marketing agency, your great looking website, filled with lots of incredible content, won’t go to waste.

Get the right people visiting your website and generate more leads. Contact Studio22 today to see how Perth’s fastest growing marketing and advertising agency can help.

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