Does Your Business Need a Brand?

May 3, 2021

A business without a brand is like a person without a name, cookies without milk and McDonalds without its big, golden arches.

It can be a name or term, design feature or symbol, or perhaps all of the above that equates to the brand of a business. What’s important, is its originality, recognisability and distinction from other businesses.

There’s a lot that goes into formulating a brand, and most importantly, making it stick in the minds and be easily recognisable to everyday people like you and me.

So, does your business need a brand? Read more from Studio22 to discover how a Perth digital marketing agency can bring one to life.


How do you bring a brand to life?

With a little bit of behind the scenes work, you, the business owner can work with us, a Perth digital marketing agency to get the ball rolling, your business brand born and into the minds of your target audience.

After all, first impressions last a lifetime.

Here’s how to bring a brand to life:

  • -Logo creation
  • -Style guides
  • -Stationery design
  • -Business cards
  • -Brochures
  • -Signage
  • -Copywriting
  • -Website design

With the help of Studio22, you’ll be able to show your potential customers that you have an interesting story to tell, products and/or services to purchase and recommend.


What if you’re already in business?

Don’t worry – just because you’re already in business doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the power of branding. It’s never too late, too much work or too embarrassing to revitalise and refresh your business with a re-brand.

Here’s when you should consider a re-brand:

  • -Your product and or services have changed or evolved
  • -You want to remind your customers that you’re still relevant and still the best choice
  • -There are new target markets you want to launch into, and/or
  • -The brand, styling and design choices you made years upon years ago at the beginning of your business doesn’t translate effectively and/or aesthetically into today’s user-friendly world.

Studio22 has the time, experience and motivation to reshape your existing business brand or formulate one from the ground up, so you can focus more on doing what you do best – running your business.


More than just a pretty face

A business brand is more than just a fancy font and lovely logo. When you entrust your business with a Perth digital marketing agency, you’re going to get all the nitty gritty data analytics that evaluate:

  • Your target demographic – who you are reaching and who you want to reach,
  • Your business goals – how they’re looking and how you can achieve them,
  • Return on investment, risks and opportunities.


Studio22 is more than just a digital marketing agency offering creative brand solutions.

We offer:

  • -SEO and Google Ad services
  • -Social media and Spotify advertising
  • -Website development
  • -And much more where that came from


Need a brand for your budding new business or a re-brand for your existing one?

Contact Studio22 today and discover how a Perth digital marketing agency can provide creative brand solutions for your business.


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