Are you using customer testimonials to your advantage on social media? ⁠

Including testimonials in your social media marketing strategy can help you stand out from the rest of the competition.⁠

While your social media content is likely to be compelling and valuable content, correctly using customer testimonials can give your visitors the confidence they need to convert into leads or paying customers.⁠

Testimonials from happy customers are an invaluable marketing tool that will boost your brand’s credibility, naturally increase brand awareness and build trust between you and your target audience.⁠

This word-of-mouth advertising is also known as earned marketing. It’s a great way to promote your company and brand, acquire new customers and reward your customers for their loyalty.

You can build a portfolio of customer testimonials through:⁠

  • Customer survey⁠
  • Brand advocates⁠
  • Instagram Story Highlights⁠
  • Influencers⁠

Social media is a platform for building customer relationships, converting leads, and building loyal brand ambassadors. You can take your social media presence up a notch by using user-generated content, like reviews, recommendations, and testimonials.

Below are ways positive user generated content will improve your social media presence.

Build trust

What if a restaurant posted a sign in its window that read “Best lunch in town”, would you go eat there? I wouldn’t, although I would if a friend told me themselves about a delicious lunch they had at a new local restaurant, I’d go straight there!

You can use testimonials on social media to do the same thing. It allows your customers to tell you how great your business is you don’t have to.

Grow your reach

Simply – testimonials + social media = growth hack

You can use testimonials on your social networks to increase your reach. The friends and followers of those who leave you reviews will likely start following you too.

They may be able to gain brownie points by sharing the review with their followers. Use Twitter’s @mentions to tag relevant parties, you will grow your reach significantly.

We also suggest adding a hashtag to increase their reach to all those Tweeters who are interested in the associated topics.

Increase engagement and sales

Sharing testimonials not only builds trust but also leads to increased sales and engagement.

Imagine your company is looking for administration assistant and you search LinkedIn to find people with these skills. This recommendation for an administration assistant is likely to lead you to engage (and possibly hire) this person for the vacant role.

Raise brand recognition

Social media is a popular way for companies to raise brand awareness. What restaurant name comes to mind if you wanted a hamburger? Is your business the first name that people think of when they ask for “whatever you sell”?

If it is not, you can create a social media content schedule and publish content, links, and testimonials to help you gain top of mind awareness.

Through the user generated content of other’s kind (and true) words, you can create brand recognition for your company by sharing your thoughts on the quality of your business.

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Gain an edge over competitors

Many companies don’t want to mention competitors in their paid advertisements. However, let users can do it for you.

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Social benefits of testimonials

As a Perth SEO agency, we know that positive customer review’s do more for a business than just giving the owner a warm fuzzy feeling. A social marketing expert can help you leverage a customer testimonial to gain a competitive advantage, better brand recognition, increased sales growth, engagement, and trustworthiness.

Start using social media testimonials today to improve your marketing goals and KPIs.

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