Are Google Ads Worth It for Small Business?

Google is a great Perth digital marketing resource for increasing brand awareness and acquiring new customers, even for small businesses.


If you have ever searched Google for a product or service, there is a high probability that you have interacted with an advertisement.


Google Ads is a powerful business tool that millions of businesses use to advertise globally. It generates billions of dollars each year for billions of people worldwide.


Google Ads in Perth are a way for small businesses to advertise their products and services to people around the world who are using Google to find information related to their business. Easy, right?


Sure, you can easily buy your way to the top of the results pages if you select the right keywords and spend the right amount. 


But at the same time, Google Ads allow you to quickly spend large amounts of money. You could burn through your entire marketing budget if you don’t feel confident in what you’re doing.


So, are PPC ads worthwhile for small businesses in 2022?


Are Google Ads Worth It for Small Businesses?


Google’s pay-per-click ads promise unique results that are superior to other advertising channels. Perth Google Ads campaigns excel in five key areas. These are not the same as traditional advertising methods or Perth digital marketing paid advertising strategies.


A Cost-Effective Investment


Because you only pay when people click on your ads. This means that, unlike fixed-rate ads, which cost money, you won’t spend any money on media that doesn’t produce any results. For every click that your ad receives, Google will reward you with a lower cost and higher visibility.


An Unbelievable Reach


Google is used by almost the entire globe. Google is a key player in the changing shopping habits of consumers. This allows them to shop online and conduct research about products. Your best chance to reach your target customers is by being on Google.


Localised Targeting


Business owners can target people based not only on their location but also on their areas of interest or past experiences. Whatever makes sense for your business. Local businesses can also use Google My Business ads or Google Maps ads to create an immersive experience around the target location. This will make it easier for potential customers and employees to visit the physical store.


Precision in the Customer Journey


You can choose the landing pages you want to show when someone clicks on your ad. This gives you more control over what users see and allows you to convert more. In addition, you’ll have access to amazing data to optimise landing pages and improve sales.


Maximum Return on Investment And Budget Flexibility


Perth Google Ads campaign provides results regardless of budget. You have complete control over your campaign budget, daily spending budget, and keyword-level bidding. Google also offers many ways to optimise your ROI. From comprehensive bidding strategies to Google’s comprehensive review of your ads, including the impact on your post-click landing pages, before determining a cost-per-click. Your CPC and return margins will increase if you comply with its standards.


Fast Results 


Google Ads, like most paid online advertising methods, are quick. What does “fast” mean?


It’s quick to produce results.


It takes only a few hours to create the accounts and set up the first campaign. You should be able to create a live campaign quickly if you follow the policies.


You can quickly analyse the performance of your ads and make any necessary adjustments.


Google suggests that you leave your campaign alone during the learning phase before changing any bidding settings. Google Ads offers a learning phase where it collects performance data that can be used to optimise your ads.


The whole process of gaining success is quick, even when you consider the learning phase. You’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t, according to your business goals.


How Do I Get the Right Clicks?


It’s one thing for a Google Ads account to create paid search ads. Even if you can find the perfect keywords and tap into the powerful intent of the search results, it’s quite another to achieve your business goals using this strategy. Paid ads require effort, time, analysis, and adaptation, as we mentioned at the beginning. It is a continuous process. It’s important to ensure that you are bidding at the correct level, that your copy is engaging, and that your ads are shown to the right people. Here are some key tips to optimise your PPC ads.


Accurate Conversion Tracking


Without comprehensive conversion tracking, it is impossible to see if your paid ads are working. For small business owners who want to make every Perth digital marketing dollar count, the ROI is critical. This typically involves identifying key actions with some value for your business. These actions could be a sale, a form submission, or a phone call. Tracking that action on the Ads Manager platform will allow you to match it to a particular click on an ad. As you see which ads are producing which actions, you can tweak copy, location, bids, etc. The conversion rates of keywords can be used to help refine your keyword lists.


Determine What You Want to Bid on Using Keyword Research


If you don’t manage your bids carefully, it is easy to get very expensive bidding for highly competitive keywords that have a lot of search volume. Remember that clicking on a keyword is not a guarantee of a sale or lead. Although you may be an expert in your industry, you may not be able to know what your potential customers are looking for.


Small businesses that use Google Ads must conduct extensive keyword research to make sure they are showing relevant ads.’


‘Men’s Trainers’ could have 1,000,000 searches per month, but Nike Air Max Size 13 might have 150. The 2nd term is clearly more important and should be targeted.


Keyword research will reveal negative keywords that you can add to your account. Do you really want to spend money on terms like “Adidas” if you sell Nike trainers? If you are a removal company located in London, would you like to be listed for Birmingham-related searches? Small businesses can save a lot of money by adding negative keywords to their account.


Make A Compelling Ad


The main content (copy and creatives) is the most important part of creating an ad. Copywriting and consistency are key to the main content. If you like, the usual advertising rules apply. Ad extensions are the supporting elements that allow you to create a larger ad and take up more space in search results. These extensions can include your phone number, pricing and ratings, physical location, secondary hyperlinks, and other information about your website. Extensions that are well-planned will provide potential customers with more information about your company and more reasons to click. You might want to increase phone call-based leads for your business by creating a phone extension that places a clickable number on mobile ads. This allows people to call you with one click.


Benefits of Perth SEO Services and Content Marketing


Google Ads can be combined with your content marketing strategy and SEO service in Perth to increase performance.


These direct benefits include:


  • The Keyword Planner allows you to find new keywords
  • Finding new keywords and search terms that work earlier
  • Website optimisation (speeding up traffic) helps you discover new issues quickly and fix them immediately.
  • Target audience analysis and creation


Ready to Dive into The World of Google Ads?


It takes a lot of time and resources to create and run a successful Google Ads campaign. You also need to track your conversions and adjust the strategy as needed. This is especially true for small businesses. That’s okay. We’re here to help. We are PPC advertising specialists and can scale your business. Studio22 digital experts can help you seize this huge opportunity without any stress.


We are a Premier Google Partner


We are proud to be a Google Premier Partner and have access to exclusive insights and resources through our partnership. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition and give you greater performance and peace of mind. We have been able to collaborate with Google professionals to help hundreds more clients in different industries with well-designed ads. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help your business.