4 web design trends for 2021

Jul 8, 2021

Web design trends change from year to year as many more people are becoming web-savvy and therefore demand a better experience from websites they browse and frequently use.

Websites, in a nutshell, should be seamlessly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Want to know 4 web design trends that are proving popular in 2021?

Read more from the Studio22 Perth web design gurus to find out.

Retro fonts

The popular phrase goes: ‘out with the old and in with the new,’ which is very true until what was old becomes popular again. We’re seeing the same with vintage typography – with a bit more stylisation, artistry and reimagination.

Remember, regardless of font style, size and desired effect – it must maintain legibility, or it will simply lose the customer.

Parallax scroll animations

These have been emerging in web design over the years, and we’re still awaiting what can be explored and accomplished with this trend.

What is parallax?

  • It’s where the website background moves at a slower rate than the foreground, resulting in a 3D immersive user experience.

There are some important considerations to make when utilising parallax:

  • Use in moderation to accommodate users with vestibular disorders (those who experience frequent dizziness and disorientation triggers).
  • Don’t let its effects distract from important information including call to actions
  • Minimise the amount of parallax movement within each distance
  • Constrain the said effects within a small area of the screen
  • Provide an option to turn off parallax effects.

Remember to keep it subtle and purposeful. Enlist the help of a website designer for help.

Horizontal scrolling options

Horizontal scrolling that was once disregarded, has made a surprising comeback. It however, takes clever implementation and intent.

Here’s how to make it successful on your website:

  • Don’t force all website navigation through horizontal scrolling, provide alternatives such as clearly labelled arrows.
  • Include clever visual cues to encourage action.
  • Know, understand and implement suitable content for horizontal mediums such as previews to a photo gallery.
  • Avoid utilising the horizontal scroll for important text that must be read.

Horizontal scrolling is a smart tactic to showcase content without taking up excessive space on your website’s pages.

3D visuals and cartoon inclusions

Three-dimensional (3D) graphics aren’t new, but their inclusion into and onto websites is.

High-quality 3D visuals now, with higher resolution screens and monitors, are embraced into seamless website design.

They’re not distracting from the overall user experience, but rather adding to it, instead.

Speaking of what’s far from new, but now loved in website design: cartoons.

Why we love cartoons on websites:

  • They help users connect on a more personal level
  • They’re universal
  • They provide a great opportunity for artists and business brands to utilise their creativity.

Discover how minimalist layouts, 3D images and cartoon graphics and create a lasting, positive impression with Studio22 today.

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