4 reasons why your business needs a new website

Nov 1, 2021

You should consider a website as the digital frontage of your business. A website’s design could make all the difference to how your business is viewed.

Thinking perhaps it’s time your business needs a new website?

Read more from the Perth digital marketing agency, Studio22, to discover 4 reasons why you’re probably right!


Design from yesteryear


Website designs have come a long way in the last 30 years.

What’s important now more than ever is making a great first (online) impression – and it’s your website design that can make or break a business lead.

What does great website design allow?

  • Easy, simplified and intuitive browsing by users.
  • Optimised, contemporary and clean design, keeping your users engaged and willing to engage with your website for longer.
  • Faster page load times – did you know the average customer expects a website to load in 2 seconds or less?

Naturally, if your website looks outdated, potential customers will assume that your business is outdated, too.

Unfortunately, your business is unlikely to get another chance to entice them back and impress.

Scrap the website design from yesteryear and organise the build of a beautiful, user-friendly website today for the customers of tomorrow.


Ineffective or insufficient content


Okay, so your website looks the part – but does it read the part?

Optimised, user-friendly design is what users come for, but informative and engaging content is what they stay for.

What’s the importance of good website content, anyway?

  • Clever content informs and engages
  • Keeps your customers on your website for longer, enriching their experience
  • Builds a positive relationship with your business brand.

Strong website content should be snappy, sharp and succinct.

Pro tip: don’t forget the importance of your About section, customers love a story, and consider adding a blog section to provide regular informative posts on topics people want to know about. Keep them relevant to your business, of course.


Not mobile or SEO friendly


According to research, approximately 20.6 million Australians are active smartphone users. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, that’s a massive market you’re missing out on.

Frustrated mobile users are highly likely to look elsewhere if their experience of your website on their smartphone is anything short of amazing.

In a similar realm, if your website isn’t SEO friendly – it’s time for a website makeover. SEO, the acronym for search engine optimisation, involves relevant keywords sprinkled throughout your website, which helps Google understand your business’ relevance.

A Perth digital marketing agency will help you with new website design and SEO services.

Unclear call to actions


What is the purpose of your website? To get people to call you? Visit your brick-and-mortar store? Make a purchase? Fill in their details?

Whatever it is, you need to make it clear. A new website design with clear call to actions (CTAs) can bring in leads far greater than before.


Perth web design experts


At Studio22, we’re a diverse bunch of dedicated, digital experts.

From website design and SEO to comprehensive digital marketing – we have the services your business needs to see results.


Ready to kickstart your business in 2022?

Organise a brand-new website design.

Contact Studio22 today to discover our Perth website design services.

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